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Running with Jesus

Recap. Whats this blog really about:

I subtitled this blog “Exercise and Edification.” I’m running a road race in all 50 states over the next year+. So far this year I’ve run in Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland. But running is only part of it. I’m on a journey to discover what I really believe, how to apply it to my life and how to encourage others.  I do most of my deep thinking on long runs listening to gangsta rap.

I’m a runner. I run for my dad and for his cause (Parkinsons Disease), for its undeniable health benefits and because I really want to fit in to a size 4 vintage Chanel suit I found on ebay.

That’s what i’m doing. Here’s who I am:

I’m a Perpetually Rebelling Preachers Kid. (PRPK)

I like my wine dark and bold. I swear when I think it makes the story better. I like cocktail dresses and high heels and men in uniform. I’m obsessed with politics, veterans and, since I have a toddler, My Little Pony. I’m an extravert, a good conversationalist and make a great date to the White House Correspondents Dinner. (hint hint.) I’ve learned the importance of being well dressed, being well read and being a true confidant. My secret life goal is to be Lucille Bluth.

And here’s what I’ve learned so far:

Take every thing and every one with a grain of salt. Love often and deeply even at the risk of your own heart. Be proud sometimes. Be humble sometimes. Own your mistakes. Forgive all the time because forgiveness frees YOUR heart. And all this is easier when you have a relationship with God. I don’t know what that looks like for you. I know what it feels like for me. I’ve felt the absolute darkness of separation from the love of God. It’s dark. It’s empty. It’s a scary place. Maybe thats what Hell is – the absence of God. I don’t know. But I’m running towards the light.

(Snoop Dogg provided the soundtrack to this post.)

I needed to challenge what I knew to be true.  Like exercise, we get stronger and faster when we challenge our bodies – when we bring our minds and muscles to the point of exhaustion – when we embrace being uncomfortable.

It’s called building Spiritual Muscle. It’s what all this running and praying is about. (come on people, keep up.)

Exercise and Edification.

Run to win.

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