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3 races, 3 states, 40 hours. MS/AL/LA

Alabama — 6pm on a Saturday

Holly and I left Mississippi and drove a few hours to Orange Beach, Alabama. A few hours in the car after a road race running OVER A BRIDGE means sore, aching hips. (I was equipped with sturdy birthing hips which feel neither particularly sturdy nor benefitted me much during childbirth – an experience I will never blog about because there are some mental images you can’t unsee.) Anyway, running/driving/running/driving is not a good combo.

I needed a night race to fit 3 races in my tight schedule so it was a theme race – a party race – a glow-in-the-dark-80’s-themed race. The kind of race where they give prizes for the best vintage Bananarama t-shirt and hose you down with hot pink fabric softener. gag.


But it was fun. Everyone had fun. EXERCISE CAN BE FUN! And even when it isn’t, it helps you feel better about yourself and that’s fun.


I recently had the incredible privilege of speaking to a group of women about the need and benefits of self care. Self care isn’t just taking time to read and reflect or taking a girls trip to Vegas. (though those things are important.) Self care is making time every day to break a sweat – to better your physical self so you can be better for those around you. It’s especially important for moms with school aged kids. Moms are so busy taking care of everyone else we forget to care for ourselves. Breaking a sweat every single day is crucial to self care and do you know what the byproduct of self care is? SELF WORTH. And we can all use a little more of that. So go for a walk. Do some squats. I challenged my ladies to do 10 sit ups, 10 push ups and 10 squats every day for 90 days. You don’t need equipment or much time but the benefits are more than physical because you’re investing in your physical well being.


Find things you enjoy doing. Break out that old Jane Fonda tape. Or do my favorite Carmen Electra Fit to Strip. Walk the dog twice. Grab a friend who makes you laugh and go for a hike with them.


Life is meant to be FUN! It’s too short to be perpetually pissed off all the time. So go ahead and have the second bottle err glass of wine. (as I will after Lent. by the way – i think i’m still in detox…) Eat the second or third square of dark chocolate.  Dance in your underwear. Laugh. And run to win.  Tomorrow – New Orleans.


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