My Oh So Glamorous Life

At least once per day I receive a note or text that says, “Your life is SO Glamorous!” I just landed in Paris. It is the most glamorous city. I signed a new modeling contract – I can leave at any time and they can kick me to the curb if I decide to eat all the hazelnut chocolate filled croissants in Paris. And I might. (insert desperate plea for you to hire me for your next marketing or ad campaign here. I’m not getting any younger…) So today we’re going to discuss my Oh So G

Running to 40

Nussdorf, Germany 2pm on a Sunday. The last race before I turn 40 years old. It’s cold here in Europe. Road races still happen but they are few and far between this time of year. (Far-between in Europe means I may have to run in Germany or France or Italy. First world problems, I realize. Thankfully France is as far from southern Germany as NYC is from northern New Jersey.) I have had a chest cold for a solid month so the thought of running far or fast spooked my lethargic lu

The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank

“Maybe you don’t realize the dangers of being by yourself out here in this wilderness. There are loonies and crazies running around all over the place…. and we’re all on a first – name basis.” Erma Bombeck I just returned from a few days in the swamps of Georgia where the water tastes like sulfur, teeth are optional and Cracker Barrel is fine dining. I came away with a renewed sense of service, friendship and appreciation for good dental care.(I’ve already run Georgia. Stay t

Cigs, Fur and a Run. Czechia.

I’m on a mission to run in every European country to raise awareness for Parkinson’s Disease which has sidelined my super athletic father. In the process, I’ve found my mission isn’t just to support PD sideliners but to encourage everyone to Run to Win – to lace up your sneakers and go for it – whatever that is, whatever the obstacles. And this blog is where I share my adventures along the way. Czechia – the Czech Republic, formerly Czechoslovakia. Ancestral home of Ivana Tru