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2020 Vision in Hindsight

Tomorrow is my 28th Birthday. Ok, ok. 42nd. But I feel 28. That counts for something. Considering how much coffee and wine I drink, I’m guessing I’m already at my half way point. That’s ok – I’ve lived more lives than a cat. An indoor cat. Do you ever do those quizzes where you list all the places you’ve lived or all the things you’ve done? Me either. They are usually an embarrassing collection of either sins or felonies. I like deniability. Here’s my recap, my reflections, o

Late to the Party

Having been raised in a military environment, I’ve learned the importance of punctuality. Five minutes early is on time, on time is late, late is unacceptable. With very few exceptions (motherhood being one of them) I’ve kept to that rule. Having modeled for years I understand the complexity of a good winged eyeliner but it’s never worth being late. I ran a road race Saturday. It’s been a while – and I needed to get back out there. I run for Parkinson’s Disease – which has si

Two Girls and a Bagpipe

Do you ever wake up and think, ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS? 6pm on a Friday. Somewhere in Germany. I found a gem – a Friday night 5k. Cream of the crop – you get it over with before the weekend, don’t have to wake up at 4am on a Saturday and there’s usually a beer reward at the end. Trifecta. Wifi, spotty. Cell range, murky. My 5’10” co-Amazon friend came with me. (Intimidation factor.) We arrived at the GPS coordinated location 30 minutes before race time. No one was there.

Church vs Faith

I like church. I like the buildings – giant gothic cathedrals, gargoyles, pipe organs, gold crosses that seem to glow even in the absence of light. I like passing through Little Italy by Canal Street and seeing all the Marys-in-the-half-shell. I was raised in a church. Literally. My house was literally in a church. With a crypt. And gargoyles IN MY HOUSE. And bats. So many bats. You don’t appreciate real masculinity until you see a 300lb linebacker cover his head and scream l

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